The Clean Box is the ideal box for mobile cleaning, degreasing, derusting, soaking, pre-cleaning, and much more.

The Clean Box can be used flexibly as an immersion box, transport box or for draining. Ideal bio-chem products for the Clean Box are CB 100, GS 200 and BIO-RUST. The Clean Box is robust and has designed for practical mobile use of water-based acidic and also alkaline bio-chem cleaners. The Box consists of the immersion box, the lid and the immersion basket. By performing a 180° turn the immersion basket can be stacked on the inner edges.

  • The cleaning agent is available for further applications
  • Guarantees clean and economical handling
  • Can be closed with the functional lid
  • Clean Box Mobil with a trolley ensures effortless transport
  • Ergonomic handles 
  • Safe for use in the food industry


  • Easy to handle, mobile, stackable
  • Can be used flexibly
  • With minimum space requirements
  • Immersion box for draining
  • Clean and economical
  • Optional trolley for Clean Box Mobile


Fill the Clean Box with the desired cleaning agent from the bio-chem product range, put the soiled part in the immersion basket, dip it with the immersion basket in the cleaning agent and let it soak. Upon completion of the soaking process lift the immersion box, perform a 180° turn and position it on the inner edges . Liquid residues will drip off, and then the thus pre-dried parts are taken out.

 bio-chem - The optimal cleaners and degreasers for use in the BIO-CIRCLE Clean Box

  • Degreasing with CB100
  • pH-neutral derusting with BIO-RUST
  • Dewatering with OMNI (All-In-One)
  • Removal of white rust with Limescale Barracuda
  • Removal of old paint and varnish with GS200
  • Removal of wax and anti-rust coatings with GS200
  • Flushing after rinsing
  • Rinsing bath with Corrosion Protection for Water-based Systems

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Turn the basket 180 degrees for draining

VOC Reduced!VOC Free!Applicable to the food industry   Low energy consumption

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