Bio General Purpose Cleaner S

Phosphate-free water-based intensive cleaner (highly concentrated, dilutable with water to 1:40) for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment coatings and other residues. Its excellent dissolving performance already achieves optimal cleaning results at ambient temperature.

  • surfactants are biodegradable in accordance with EU directives
  • replaces CHC and other solvents

Range of application

  • manual and mechanical cleaning and degreasing in the metalworking industry
  • cleaning of canteen kitchens, especially removing of heavy pollution around the exhaust air units and on ceilings and walls around the cooking area
  • plastics industry – removing of release agent- and plastics residues from tools and moulds
  • printing industry – cleaning of flat screen and rotary printing machines, screens and templates
  • cleaning before varnishing as an alternative to VOC
  • maintenance of engines and gearboxes
  • sawmills – removing of resin, sawdust and dust from chains and conveyor belts

Available variants

  • UNO SV - extra viscous for cleaning vertical surfaces
  • UNO SF - foamless for use in mechanical cleaning devices
  • UNO SPF - foamless, and with added corrosion inhibitors

Please note: Do not use the concentrated cleaner on aluminium and zinc coatings!

Cleaning with UNO S

VOC Reduced!Applicable in the food industry!


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