High Performance Anti-Rust Wax

High Performance Anti-Rust Wax


This transparent long-term corrosion protection protects all metals from corrosion during open-air storage and transport. The highly flexible and dynamic protective film has excellent metal adherence properties, it is water-dispersing and seawater-resistant.

Corrosion tests:
- 240 h salt spray test on a bright steel plate
- film thickness approx. 10 g/m3 (one single application)

  • transparent protective film, non-adhesive, non-dust-laying
  • water-dispersing with excellent wetting properties
  • fast-drying protective film

Range of application

  • transport- and storage conservation for machines and machine parts, tools and devices of any kind
  • protects components from corrosion in wire EDM
  • can be applied in an immersion bath at 20 to 25 °C for the treatment of hollow bodies
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