Clean Box Flow

Clean Box Flow

The parts washer that goes where you want it to!

The Clean Box Flow is a cleaning system that can be used flexibly. With its mobile trolley, the Clean Box Flow can be placed directly next to the parts to be cleaned. The battery-powered pump and the washing brush facilitate easy cleaning in virtually any place. The cleaning liquid is filtered during use, ensuring a long service life.

The sturdy Clean Box Flow has been developed for the practical use of bio-chem cleaners. The mobile trolley features storage space for jerrycans or work pieces. The Clean Box Flow is comprised of the immersion box with 12V pump, rechargeable battery and flow-through brush, the lid and trolley.

  • Manual cleaning with the flow-through brush
  • Mobile trolley
  • Ergonomic work height
  • Rechargeable storage battery and charger included
  • Storage space for drums of liquid or workpieces
  • Battery-powered pump for easy cleaning
  • Cleaning liquids: CB 100, CB 100 Alu, CB 100 F

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Easy cleaning with Clean Box Flow

Clean Box Flow with integrated pump and storage battery

VOC Reduced!VOC Free!Applicable in the food industry!   Low energy consumption


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