Food Tech Oil

Food Tech Oil

Odourless and tasteless hydraulic and lubricating oil based on highly purified oils.

Lubricating oil based on highly purified oils. For the greasing and servicing of items used in
the production, treatment or putting in circulation of foodstuffs that may act on such foodstuffs
in the process. Excellent lubrication properties, good corrosion- and abrasion protection (high
temperature resistance – can be applied to approx. 150 °C).

  • No resin formation or agglutination even in case of long-term use
  • High ageing resistance without quality loss

Range of application

  • Universally applicable in the foodstuffs-, beverage- and pharmaceutical industry, in the catering trade, in hospitals etc.

Ideal for lubrication of food equipment

NSF Registered


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pH value: n/a
Flas point: 204o C
Density: 0.88 g/ml (20o C)
VOC content: 0%
Solubility: not soluble in water