RWR KST for Plastic Injection Moulding tools

RWR KST for Plastic Injection Moulding tools

Cleaning system for the cooling ducts on plastic injection moulding tools

Contaminations in the cooling ducts of the tools reduce the efficiency of the cooling. The bio-chem RWR KST cleaning system has been developed for the cleaning and flushing of these cooling ducts. It operates on the principle of recirculation flushing: this saves time and money because there is no complex and time-consuming mounting and dismounting to be done. The tool to be cleaned just has to be equipped with a supply and a return pipe. The bio-chem Power Cleaner KST cleaning solution is pumped through the tool. Deposits are dissolved and removed fast and efficiently even in complex pipe geometries, which helps avoiding downtimes.

(KST = Kunststoffspritzguss, or "plastic injection moulding" in German.)

  • Stainless steel media vessel with integrated drain and splashproof electrics
  • Stainless steel heater with adjustable thermostat (up to 90° C) – optimally factory-set at 60° C
  • Sturdy compressed air diaphragm pump
  • Dry-run protection for pump and heating
  • Stainless steel filter to protect the pump from solids
  • Hose holder for compact and space-saving hose storage, integrated in a drip pan with drain
  • Mobile system – mounted on a stainless steel trolley with rubber-clad castors
  • Delivered ready for connection with acid-resistant hoses
  • Easy handling – no need for dismounting components

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Cleaning Plastic Injection moulding tools with RWR



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