Manual parts washing at high-pressure level. The BIO-CIRCLE HP Vigo Plus combines the advantages of our BIO-CIRCLE Liquid
range with the power of high-pressure cleaning in an ideal way. With the BIO-CIRCLE HP Vigo you will not only clean your
components in an effective and reliable manner, you will also enjoy the cleaning process. See for yourself how easy and fast
the cleaning can be done. The BIO-CIRCLE HP Vigo is made of stainless steel and is suited for every workshop. Thanks to the
powerful non-hazardous cleaners, oils, greases and many environmental contaminations are easy and safe to remove from the
components so that the parts can be reintegrated in the process in no time.

The advantages

  • A cleaning system designed with employee- and environmental protection in mind
  • Substitution of hazardous substances, improved occupational health and safety
  • Reduction of volatile solvents (such as e.g. acetone)
  • Compact cleaning system – can be used directly in the production or handling process

Now with wider opening lid and greater payload capacity, can be loaded with an overhead crane.


Use with BIO-CIRCLE L Star low-foaming bioremediating cleaner

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Overall width 1407 mm
Overall depth, lid open 1204 mm
Height lid open/closed 1670/1890 mm
Feeding height (top edge washing chamber) 970 mm
Dimensions cleaning area L X W X H 12200 x 800 x 450 mm
Maximum payload (can be crane loaded) 150 kgs
Cleaning fluid tank capacity 90 litres
Total weight empty 129 kgs
Electrical 230V, 50Hz, 4.5kW
High-pressure pump 1.6kW, 80 Bar, 12.5 l/min
Working pressure (adjustable) 0-80 Bar
Operating temperature (factory set) 0-60 deg C
Noise level <70 dB
Compressed air supply 6 Bar max.
Maximum air consumption pane cleaning 0.06 m3/hr