CNC Machining

CNC machining is a cornerstone of modern manufacturing. It involves many cleaning and lubricating processes, of both the manufactured parts and the equipment:

  • Cutting fluids
  • Cleaning and protection of parts
  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment - cutting tools and CNC machine

Traditionally, such products include solvents, strongly alkaline or acidic cleaners and alcohol-based cleaners to remove light oil, emulsions, dust, metal chips and corrosion.

Bio-Circle is the ideal partner for CNC machining, offering:

  • Improved industrial cleaning processes
  • VOC reduction
  • Overall reduction of chemical use
  • Education of chemical usage and dosage
  • Cost effective and economical solutions

Bio-Circle parts washers

Tool workshop: replacing the solvent washer to remove metal chips and cutting oils for measurement and examination.

Cleaning parts: removing cutting oils, metal chips, from machined parts after processing

Bio-Circle offers a safe and economical alternative to solvent washers

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Use with UNO SF, AluStar 200, Star200, Star US series, Bio-Rust, Power Cleaner 100/200 and Power Cleaner DB.

Clean Box and Clean Box Flow

Bio-Circle's clever Clean Box system is an economical and very convenient way of cleaning small components and applying corrosion protection:
FT 100/200, UNO SF, CB 100, GS 200, OMNI, (cleaning and dewatering), Corrosion Protection for Water-based Systems, Bio Rust, Power Cleaners 100/200/300

Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning with simple trigger sprays and cloths is easier with Bio-Circle's proven products:
FT 100/200, UNO SV/SF, GS 200, CB 100, E-NOX Clean, Power Cleaner 100/200/300

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  The Clean Box is the ideal box for mobile cleaning, degreasing, derusting, soaking, pre-cleaning, and much more. The Clean Box can be used flexibly as an immersion box, transport box or for drain...Read more
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BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact and GT Maxi
Safe, effective parts washing using natural bio-remediation The new BIO-CIRCLE GT range provides the optimal solution for parts cleaning. The simple, fast, safe and environmentally-friendly systems r...Read more
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Bio-Rust F
Safe and Easy Rust Removal Aqueous, pH-neutral deruster for the fast and reliable removal of rust from metals. Smoothly removes rust from surfaces without affecting the material, from slight rust fil...Read more
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CB 100
The Power of Nature bio-chem CB 100 is a cleaner that benefits from the power of Nature. The waterbased cleaner features a pleasant scent and is based on renewable raw materials produced from recycle...Read more
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FT 100
Final Touch     Surfactant-free fast-drying cleaning agent for residue-, streak- and stain-free removal of light oil- and dust pollution, fingerprints, felt pen and pencil residues from lacquered s...Read more
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FT 200
Final Touch Coating Phosphate-free fast-drying cleaning agent (dries faster than conventional water-based cleaners) for cleaning and degreasing prior to varnishing with conventional or water-based va...Read more
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GS 200
GS 200 dissolves persistent contaminations in a natural way. The special advantage of this cleaner is that a big part of its ingredients are based on renewable raw materials and not on oil. These natu...Read more
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All-In-One Economical multifunction spray with excellent capillarity. Forms a lubricating, non-resin-forming anti-corrosion protective film. Dissolves rust and graphite, cleans from resinous greases ...Read more
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Power Cleaner 100
Acidic cleaner for manual removal of rust and limescale Phosphate- and hydrochloric acid-free water-based intensive cleaner (highly concentrated, can be diluted with water up to 1:40). In a cold stat...Read more
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Bio General Purpose Cleaner Phosphate- and VOC-free cleaner and degreaser (highly concentrated, dilutable to 1:40) for removing oil-, grease- and protein residues (flyspeck, blood etc.) from surfaces...Read more
Clean Box Flow
The parts washer that goes where you want it to! The Clean Box Flow is a cleaning system that can be used flexibly. With its mobile trolley, the Clean Box Flow can be placed directly next to the part...Read more
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STAR 200
Long-STAR Alkaline, highly concentrated cleaner and degreaser for mechanical parts washing and degreasing. Can be applied as pre- and intermediate cleaners in the metalworking and metal processing in...Read more
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Bio General Purpose Cleaner S Phosphate-free water-based intensive cleaner (highly concentrated, dilutable with water to 1:40) for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment coatings and other resid...Read more
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Alu-STAR Extra Alkaline, highly concentrated cleaners and degreasers for mechanicalparts washing and degreasing. Can be applied as pre- and intermediatecleaners in the metalworking and metal processi...Read more
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