Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry has traditionally been very reliant on toxic solvents for the removal of grease and heavy oil from large equipment. Water-based cleaners just haven't been good enough!

But no more. Bio-Circle's Nature Boost products have revolutionised cleaning of heavy resinous greases, burnt-on carbon deposits, heavy oils and other heavy contaminants in large mining, manufacturing and maintenance applications.

Made from renewable resources (a waste product of the food industry), Nature Boost products give you the cleaning power of solvents without the hazards. Non-toxic, non-flammable, no noxious fumes, low volatility - and not rated Dangerous Goods.

Bio-Circle Ultra Liquid

Bio-Circle Ultra is the strongest of the bio-remediating liquids used in the Bio-Circle parts washers. Ultra will clean heavy, resinous greases with ease - even remove burnt-on carbon. But it is still non-hazardous, and safe for your hands with near-neutral pH.

CB 100

CB 100 is Bio-Circle's fastest-growing product. Every day, companies are switching away from solvents to CB 100 as they realise its cleaning power, safety and economy are an unbeatable combination. CB 100 can be used in the Clean Box, Clean Box Flow, Bio-Circle parts washers and even the HTW-II or Bio-Circle Turbo automatic machines. CB 100 can be used as the cleaner of choice, or for economical cleaning, as a pre-cleaner for the Bio-Circle parts washer. Lasting up to 10 times as long as solvents, CB 100 is saving companies money as well as improving both safety and environmental considerations.

GS 200

The Terminator! Whereas Bio-Circle Ultra and CB 100 are still water-based, GS 200 is pure Nature Boost solvent. Use GS 200 where only the best will do. As powerful as any solvent, but still non-hazardous, GS 200 will dissolve anti-rust waxes, glue residues, burnt-on oils and other tough jobs you would never consider for a water-based cleaner. You don't need much, so GS 200 can be very economical.

Cleaning Systems

Bio-Circle also have a range of equipment for the convenient and safe application of their products. Ranging from simple, low-cost devices such as the clever Clean Box, up to the sophisticated, top-of-the-range Turbo.

Case Study:

See the case study using CB 100 at Thyssen Krupp.

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