For any kind of contamination, we can offer you the perfect cleaning solution.

Cleaning products are indispensible in all sectors of the industry, in trade, in leisure and hobby, and in the household. In the metalworking industry cleaning ranges from servicing, maintenance or repair works to commercial applications in automatic cleaning and degreasing plants.




As rule, cleaning products are divided into
water-based cleaners and solvents. Depending
on their applications, the aqueous cleaning
agents are adjusted to neutral, alkaline or acidic.


There is however, some overlapping in the
applications of neutral, alkaline and acidic agents.


Acidic cleaners:

Cleaners that contain acidic components. They
are used to remove rust, moss & algae, limescale,
mineral deposits from metal surfaces.


Neutral cleaners:

Alkaline or acid free cleaning agents that are
mainly used where consideration is given to
sensitive materials, or to human skin.


Alkaline cleaners:

Cleaning agents that contain alkaline components.
They are mainly used to remove grease, oil and
protein residues.

Choosing the right cleaner

How do surfactants work?