FT 200

FT 200

Final Touch Coating

Phosphate-free fast-drying cleaning agent (dries faster than conventional water-based cleaners) for cleaning and degreasing prior to varnishing with conventional or water-based varnishes and powder coatings. Removes residues caused by processing oils, anti-corrosion oils, light waxes and similar that affect paint adhesion negatively.

  • VOC content under 20 % – not subject to the VOC Regulation (1999/13/EC)
  • no requirement to label in accordance with the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and EU directives
  • ready for use – just spray it on and wipe it off
  • contains corrosion inhibitors that guarantee temporary corrosion protection
  • the surfactants therein comply with the detergents regulation regarding biodegradability

Fields of use

  1. cleaning before varnishing and degreasing prior to welding
  2. removal of processing oils and swarf from antifriction bearings prior to varnishing
  3. replacement for VOC, cellulose thinners, cold cleaners, etc.
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