GS 200

GS 200

GS 200 dissolves persistent contaminations in a natural way. The special advantage of this cleaner is that a big part of its ingredients are based on renewable raw materials and not on oil. These natural ingredients stand out for their extreme dissolving power over persistent contaminations. A fully-fledged alternative to solvents containing VOC and/or irritant substances. An extremely thin layer will suffice for removing persistent contaminations. Optimal performance in combination with employee protection and reduction of environmental impact. The highly-concentrated cleaner and degreaser has been NSF-certified for use in the food industry. persistent greases, anti-rust waxes, adhesive residues, bitumen, tectyl, silicone, sealing compounds, rubber, persistent carbonizations – the products of thermal decomposition of synthetic materials and oil –, and many more can be removed efficiently from ball bearings, worm drives, cylinders and nozzles. Burnt-in oil layers are dissolved and removed safely from gearboxes and motors. Due to its product characteristics, the cleaner will evaporate more slowly than conventional solvents. This results in longer exposure times, and hence high effectiveness and efficiency. It won’t leave any oily residues on the cleaned surfaces. 

With its high flash point (> 100° C/212° F), the grease dissolver enhances safety during application. The reduction of VOC provides for very low product fume emissions in application, which means low employee exposure and low environmental pollution. 

GS200 is ready for use in manual applications or immersion processes (also recyclable). Just spray it on in a thin layer and wipe it off with an absorbent cloth after a short exposure time. The cleaned surface will then be virtually residue-free. 


  • VOC-reduced, non-flammable 
  • An alternative to VOC-containing and/or irritant solvents 
  • For the removal of very strong contaminations, such as oils and greases, bitumen, lubricants, anti-corrosion waxes, resins, rubber residues and -marks, and paint
  • For the removal of burnt-in oil layers from gearboxes and motors
  • For the removal of protective film- and adhesive residues
  • High flash point (> 100°C/212°F) 
  • Very economical, an extremely thin layer will suffice 
  • Excellent cleaning effect also in the cold 
  • Pleasant odour 
  • NSF-certified under K3 146720

Fields of use:

  • Just spray it on thinly and wipe it off with an absorbent cloth after a short eyposure period
  • Can be used in immersion processes
  • Dissolves extreme contaminations
  • Due to its chemical properties GS 200 will evaporate more slowly than conventional solvents

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Available container sizes:

500ml PET bottle with trigger spray
10-litre jerrycan
30-litre jerrycan
200-litre drum
1000-litre IBC