The ultra-strong cleaner for stainless steel


Water based cleaner for the powerful solution for dealing with persistent contaminations on stainless steel. Cleans tarnished, heavily weathered, and corroded surfaces. It removes mineral sediments, such as limescale and cement, incrustations, flash rust, and oxidations.

  • Free from nitric- and hydrofluoric acid
  • Very economical
  • Highly potent cleaning effect
  • Material-friendly
  • Can be rinsed off without any residue, suitable for applications in the foodstuffs industry (Art. 31 LFGB [Foodstuffs, Consumer Goods and Feedstuff Law])

The cleaner ist free from poisonous hydrofluoric acid, is non-flamable and contains no solvents.

The stainless steel cleaner can easily be applied and rubbed with a damp spacial cleaning pad.Then rinse with water  or clean with diluted UNO or FT 100.

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