New Fresh Air

New Fresh Air

pH-adjusted ready-to-use odour remover with long-term effect due to a two-step combination of active ingredients:

Step 1:
immediate effect due to a highly efficient odour absorber that quickly absorbs and neutralizes unpleasant odour molecules

Step 2: long-term effect by means of micro-organisms that degrade the transmitting components of malodorous compounds

For the elimination of unpleasant smells in rubbish bins and at rubbish collecting points, of flooding-, burnt-, mould-, nicotine- and restroom smells, cooking smells, pet smells etc.

  • Only contains naturally occurring micro-organisms
  • Also acts pre-emptively – stench formation is already avoided beforehand

Fields of use:

  • Hospitals, old peoples’ homes and nursing homes, supermarkets and department stores, the catering trade, hotels and pubs and restaurants, car- and truck interiors, animal cages and baskets, industrial and private areas
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