Economical multifunction spray with excellent capillarity. Forms a lubricating, non-resin-forming anti-corrosion protective film. Dissolves rust and graphite, cleans from resinous greases and oils, lubricates anything from hinges to bike pedals, protects from rusting and surface leakages.

  • contains no hydrocarbon solvents (e.g. petroleum)
  • no acid, silicone or Teflon
  • excellent penetration properties also in narrowest spaces

Fields of use:

  • indispensable in everyday application in manufacturing, maintenance, trade, workshops, agriculture, gardening, forestry businesses, the building industry and in the home and hobby sector
  • can also be applied as a dehydrating agent in immersion baths
  • for an efficient pre-cleaning of heavy grease, resin and oil contaminations in the BIO-CIRCLE
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