The BIO-CIRCLE Turbo HP (High Pressure) is putting plenty of pressure on contaminations. It combines the benefits of a parts washer with the cleaning power of high-pressure washing. The sturdy stainless steel device is easy and safe to use and ideally suited for manual parts washing.

  • Manual high-pressure washing with up to 60 bar
  • Manual washing with low pressure/flow brush with the lid open or closed
  • Large working area, 86 x 580 x 480 mm
  • High load capacity, up to 350 kgs (crane loading possible)
  • Preset optimum cleaning temperature 45o C
  • Insulated tank - prevents heat loss and saves energy
  • 10 watt LED interior light
  • Fan to aerate the interior and manula wiper for clear view when cleaning
  • Footswitch for safe and easy operation

Use with Bio-Circle Liquid Turbo, Bio-Circle Ultra Foamless or the Stars range of cleaners.

"The best investment I ever made, saves me heaps of time"
- Stuart Drummond, Nine Auto, Highett Victoria.

BIO-CIRCLE HP for powerful manual cleaning

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 Overall size 1150 wide x 783 deep mm
 Height with lid closed 1883 mm
 Height with lid open 2458 mm
 Loading height of top wash chamber 1080-1190 mm
 Wash area dimensions 860 wide x 580 deep x 480 high mm
 Max. effective height 530 mm
 Max. effective payload 350 kgs
 Tank capacity 100 litres
 Total weight without l;iquid, payload or additional equipment 250 kgs
 Power consumption with no additional equipment 2.5 kW
 Power supply 240V, 50 Hz
 Compressed air connection air hose 10 mm dia., max. 6 bar
 High-pressure pump motor 1.6 kW
 Connected load cpntrol box (Bio-Circle control unit) 0.85 kW