Smoke Resin Remover

Smoke Resin Remover

Phosphate- and VOC-free intensive cleaner with germ-reducing effect and activated foam for cleaning and degreasing (highly concentrated, can be diluted with water to 1:100). For the removal of most persistent pollutions, such as smoke resin residues, resinous greases, oils and protein residues, and manufacturing residues. Increasing the cleaning temperature will shorten the cleaning time. Regular cleaning extends the operational life span of the curing plants, which guarantees a constantly high quality of the smoked sausage products.

  • fire- and explosion-proof
  • residue-free rinsability, no adverse effects on the smell or taste of foodstuffs in accordance with Article 31 LFBG
  • surfactants are biodegradable in accordance with EU directives

Fields of use:

  1. universal applicability throughout the entire foodstuffs industry for the removal of persistent residues and pollution
  2. for the cleaning of smokehouses, cooking facilities, filters, escapes and exhaust hoods, ovens etc.
  3. optimal for the cleaning of escapes and flues in canteen kitchens, restaurant kitchens and canteens, vent pipe residues, and burnt-in residues on grills, baking- and pizza ovens. Very good at removing smoke resin residues
  4. in smokehouses. Also suitable for the cleaning of the air circulation system in the smokehouses.

Please note: Do not employ concentrated cleaner on aluminium and zinc coatings!

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