Food Processing

NSF registration

Good news for all users and decision-makers from the food industry.

The following bio-chem cleaners have been used in numerous applications in the
food industry for many years, because they comply with the regulations of the
German Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code (LFGB). Now these bio-chem
cleaners have also been granted international approval by the NSF (National Sanitation
Foundation) for the application in the food industry and the food service
industry. The NSF registration gives users and inspectors the certainty that the
products fulfil the relevant food safety regulations. You can find the according
certificates for our products in the “White Book™ – Nonfood Compounds Listings
Directory” on We’ll also be happy to mail them to you on request.

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  The Clean Box is the ideal box for mobile cleaning, degreasing, derusting, soaking, pre-cleaning, and much more. The Clean Box can be used flexibly as an immersion box, transport box or for drain...Read more
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BIO-CIRCLE GT Compact and GT Maxi
Safe, effective parts washing using natural bio-remediation The new BIO-CIRCLE GT range provides the optimal solution for parts cleaning. The simple, fast, safe and environmentally-friendly systems r...Read more
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The ph-adjusted cleaning medium for the usage in the parts cleaner BIO-CIRCLE. It dissolves processing oils, cutting coolants, anti-corrosion products, light greases and similar contaminations as well...Read more
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E-NOX Clean
(INOX-Clean, Stainless Clean) Highly efficient ready-to-use cleaning gel (can be diluted with water up to 1:40, the geliform texture of the cleaner diminishes if water is added, though) to remove min...Read more
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E-NOX Shine
(INOX-Top, Stainless Shine)     Highly efficient special water-based product for the cleaning and servicing of matt and polished stainless steel. Removes dust, fingerprints, oil and light limescale...Read more
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Food Tech Oil
Odourless and tasteless hydraulic and lubricating oil based on highly purified oils. Lubricating oil based on highly purified oils. For the greasing and servicing of items used inthe production, trea...Read more
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Power Cleaner 100
Acidic cleaner for manual removal of rust and limescale Phosphate- and hydrochloric acid-free water-based intensive cleaner (highly concentrated, can be diluted with water up to 1:40). In a cold stat...Read more
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Bio General Purpose Cleaner Phosphate- and VOC-free cleaner and degreaser (highly concentrated, dilutable to 1:40) for removing oil-, grease- and protein residues (flyspeck, blood etc.) from surfaces...Read more
Resource-efficient surfactant-based cleaner for use in the BIO-CIRCLE Blue parts washer. For pH-neutral cleaning and degreasing of small parts in workshops, industries and service. Contains microorgan...Read more
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Clean Box Flow
The parts washer that goes where you want it to! The Clean Box Flow is a cleaning system that can be used flexibly. With its mobile trolley, the Clean Box Flow can be placed directly next to the part...Read more
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Bio General Purpose Cleaner S Phosphate-free water-based intensive cleaner (highly concentrated, dilutable with water to 1:40) for removing resinous oils and greases, pigment coatings and other resid...Read more
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