Plastic Injection Moulding

Cleaning Moulds – external surfaces

Plastic injection moulds are a major investment and need to be looked after. Surfaces can be cleaned with:

  • Bio-Circle Mini-Compact-Maxi parts washers
  • UNO S

These are VOC-free or VOC-reduced cleaners that are safe (non-flammable) and cost-effective. No need to use solvents or other toxic cleaners.

Highly polished moulds can be cleaned with FT 200 instead of alcohol – VOCs are reduced, leaves no residues, non-hazardous and easy to apply. This process was developed with and approved by LEGO.

Cleaning Moulds – internal cooling channels

The internal cooling channels typically become blocked with mineral deposits, reducing the cooling efficiency and productivity. Time is lost waiting for a mould to cool when it is not being cooled properly.

The RWR KST is a device specifically made for cleaning injection moulds. Power Cleaner DB (diluted) is pumped through the mould, dissolving the mineral build-up and removing it. Cooling channels are opened up completely and full cooling efficiency is restored.

Rust removal

Surface corrosion can be removed quickly and safely:

  • E-NOX Clean
  • Power Cleaner DB
  • Bio-Rust

Power Cleaner DB can be used manually (spray on) in a variety of different equipment, eg hot water washer, ultra-sonic cleaner etc. E-NOX Clean is a gel that adheres to the surface.

NB: neutralise E-NOX Clean and Power Cleaner DB with water or UNO S after use.

Corrosion Protection

  • Anti-Rust Wax – creates a thin, transparent and durable protective film, for transport or long-term storage. Does not run into the nest and does not need to be removed before production. Fast-drying, non-tacky – doesn’t attract dust.
  • Anti-Rust Oil – liquid state, optimal for internal storage and maximum protection.
  • OMNI – multi-purpose oil with excellent capillary action for lubrication, cleaning and protection.
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