Power Cleaner 100

Power Cleaner 100

Acidic cleaner for manual removal of rust and limescale

Phosphate- and hydrochloric acid-free water-based intensive cleaner (highly concentrated, can be diluted with water up to 1:40). In a cold state it removes cement- and limescale residues, urine scale, moss and algae, rust as well as brass and copper tarnishing, oil-, grease- and protein residues, water stains and black fungus stains, with simultaneous germ reduction and disinfection, from exposed-aggregate flagstone, reinforced concrete, buildings, tombstones and natural stone brass and copper, aluminium or stainless steel.

  • Can be heated to 90 °C max.
  • Surfactants are biodegradable in accordance with EU directives
  • Hygienic cleaning, developed in line with eco-consciousness

Fields of use:

  1. Dairy industry: cleaning of receptacles, removal of milk residues from storage tanks
  2. Beverage industry: decalcification and cleaning of bottling plants and stainless steel tanks
  3. Entire sanitary area

Cleaning machinery

NSF Registered

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pH: ~2.5
Flash point: n/a
Density: ~1.06 g/ml (20oC)
VOC content ~2.5%
Solubility: soluble in water                                                For very strong residues,
                                                                                        rust stains and beer scale