Economical anti-spatter spray with little or no clean up!

Odourless blue welding separating agent with temporary corrosion protection and simultaneous cleaning effect in a functional refillable handheld spray flask. Prevents sticking of weld spatter in dry and wet state, thus protecting work pieces, welding nozzles and welding equipment.

  • non-combustible, silicone- and solvent-free
  • galvanizing and varnishing possible after welding without any problems
  • economical in use – a thin protective film is sufficient
  • surface-active substances contained herein are biodegradable

Range of application

  • when welding stainless steel or other metals
  • also applicable in laser cutting
  • vehicle construction, extraordinary construction, steelwork,container- and boiler construction, crane construction, automotive- and supply industry and other metalworking enterprises

Easy anti=spatter protection with fun@welding!

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