Heavy Duty Formula

This heavy-duty electrolyte solution is composed of phosphoric acid and other additives which makes it ideal for the most demanding weld cleaning applications. SURFOX-T is formulated for cleaning TIG, SPOT and PULSED MIG welds. SURFOX-T is registered with NSF, so is safe to use in food plant applications.

Apply with high-conductivity Poli-Pads or carbon fibre brush.


  • Formulated for the most demanding TIG, SPOT and PULSED MIG weld cleaning applications.
  • Safe alternative to pickling paste and harsh acids
  • Free from hydrofluoric and nitric acids
  • Will remove light scaling
  • NSF registered for food plant applications

Electrochemical polishing (DC mode)

When SURFOX-T is used in DC mode, it will electropolish the weld. SURFOX-T is formulated with built-in additives to promote polishing while cleaning heat tint and other contaminants from the weld.

Available in 100ml cartridges (for Surfox Mini), 1-litre and 5-litre containers


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