All the paint is gone.

The PROLAQ Auto is a compact cleaning station for the manual and automatic cleaning of all varnish application- and -processing tools. Spray guns and hoses are cleaned in a fast and effective manner too.

Clean and safe
The PROLAQ Auto features an integrated suction device and a closable hood that minimize odours effectively, thus guaranteeing a clean workplace. Flow- and suction cup guns can be cleaned manually and automatically also in explosion-proof areas. Afterwards, the cleaned items can be blown dry by means of an air shower.

  • Clean and safe workplace ► thanks to integrated suction device and closable hood 
  • Economical ► long fluid lifetime ► 3-stage processing system 
  • Extraction can be switched on and off manually 
  • Simultaneous automatic cleaning of two spray guns at a time

PROLAQ Auto sinkCleaning with PROLAQ Auto

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