PROLAQ Compact

PROLAQ Compact

Manual cleaning system for paint and ink application and processing equipment.

The PROLAQ Compact is a mobile, self-contained cleaning device for cleaning paint from spray guns, nozzles, tube systems and other paint application equipment. Powered by compressed air, not electricity, it uses the revolutionary new reduced-VOCs PROLAQ L 500 cleaning liquid.

The PROLAQ Compact incorporates a three-stage treatment process:

  1. Coarse filter in the drain,
  2. Sedimentation tank - paint residue settles and allows the cleaner to be separated, and
  3. Fine filter in line with the flow-through brush and nozzle.

This process allows the PROLAQ L 500 cleaner to be re-used up to 5 to 10 times, reducing costs and environmental waste.


  • sturdy, compact and mobile
  • comfortable working height
  • low maintenance
  • air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump
  • compressed air connection
  • collection tray for paint residue
  • funnel direct into tank for cleaning spray gun and hoses
  • compressed air gun for fast drying
  • independent flow-through brush and nozzle


Cleaning paint with PROLAQ


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  PROLAQ Compact

1100 H x 850 W x 600 mm D
including filter housing

Working height 970/880 mm
Useful work surface 700 x 480 mm
Weight (empty) approx. 62 kgs
Payload 100 kgs
Minimum capacity 40 litres
Maximum capacity 60 litres
Tank LDPE (low density polyethylene)
Air pressure max. 6 Bar
Pump AODD pump, PTFE diaphragm