BIO-CIRCLE Nature Boost!

BIO-CIRCLE Nature Boost!

Powerful solvents made from plant extracts are replacing petroleum based solvents. Non-flammable, low volatility, non-irritating, no VOCs, no unpleasant fumes. But strong solvent-like cleaning action.

Solvents used for cleaning and degreasing have traditionally been derived from the petroleum distillation process - and have all the familiar hazards such as flammability, noxious fumes, skin irritation, high-volatility, rapid evaporation and polluting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Not any more! Nature Boost is the name given to new products exclusive to BIO-CIRCLE. Containing solvents derived from vegetable extracts, they are non-flammable, non-irritating, low-volatility, low evaporation and no VOCs! Yet they have a powerful solvent-like cleaning action. Water-based cleaners such as the BIO-CIRCLE liquids, UNO etc are great cleaners and economical too, but sometimes only a solvent will do the job. Now you can have the solvent without the hazards.


By adding the Nature Boost ingredients to the successful BIO-CIRCLE liquids, Ultra is a powerful, slightly alkaline water-based cleaner that still has the advantages of bioremediation. Naturally-occurring microbes breakdown and digest the oil and grease contamination, removing them from the cleaning bath. For use in the BIO-CIRCLE parts washers.

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CB 100

Combining Nature Boost ingredients with powerful surfactants in a water-base, CB100 is a powerful water-based cleaner that has strong cleaning performance, but without flammability, unpleasant fumes, or potential damage to your parts. Use with the BIO-CIRCLE Clean Box as an economical but very effective parts washer. Can also be used in the BIO-CIRCLE parts washer.

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GS 200

The most powerful cleaner in the Nature Boost range, GS200 is a pure solvent made from renewable resources. It will not only deal with the toughest of degreasing jobs, it will also remove old paint and varnish, anti-rust waxes and bitumen, sealing compounds, rubber and more. With GS200, you will never need to use a hazardous petroleum-based solvent again.

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